iPod Touch – A Tech For Kids Tool That Makes Sense


When looking for tech for kids, most would consider:

1. price
2. content
3. ease of use
4. ease of maintenance
among other things.

Although most adults would not think of the iPod Touch as a child’s tech tool, it happens to fit every criteria listed above.

The Apple iPod Touch price is comparable to other hand held devices. The largest price difference comes with the games. A standard hand held game would cost around $30. Not only can you get free apps or most for 99 cents but very few are over $5.

As with all video games, you can get sports, fantasy, driving, etc but most impressive is the education based games. Tech for kids can be a great avenue to introduce or reinforced curricular content. Interactive games, videos or sound clips cover every level of every content area and in a thought-provoking and entertaining platform.

Tech for kids needs to be easy for little fingers to manipulate but hard for them to botch up the basic hardware. The iPod Touch is light weight, has one button and a touch screen. Better yet, it can sync in minutes to restore anything to it’s original state.

How about durability? Using tech for kids entertainment or education needs to be tough. Silicone covers, snap on covers and screen protectors help protect against hazards and scratches.

As with all technology and little ones, this gadget will need to be monitored or you will never see your child/students without it. It can also have internet connectivity which needs to be overseen.

Help support a child’s future with educationally sound products, that help the children of today prepare for the tech world of tomorrow.


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