Welcome Dual Touch Screen Laptop Technology


Dual touchscreen laptop technology no more seems like concept device. An Italian company really already released such like within the Canova, a complete dual-screen device, but we could not refer to it as a laptop in the first generation form. The following product lined up is anticipated by a few skillfully developed to be sold this year, but the organization behind the newest product, V12 Design, has been tight lip about specifics within the dual screen laptop. The organization has combined with an unnamed U.S. based laptop manufacturer in developing laptops.

Features which are happen to be pointed out through the Chief executive officer of V12 in addition to speculated by outsiders really seem like taking the very best of today’s smartphone technology, the computing power today’s laptops, and moving it right into a machine which will balance usability and mobility. You will find promises the new laptop, when we can refer to it as that, is going to do things nobody has seen a laptop do before. You will see support for multi-touch input as well as an on-screen software keyboard when relevant. There appears to become speculation that unlike other on-screen keyboards, like the Iphone and other alike smartphones, the laptop keyboard uses a unique haptic feedback technology to provide users better comfort and feel nearer to a conventional keyboard.

As a result, the program running around the new machine is going to be created for minimal utilization of keyboarding there will certainly be an integrated microphone with voice recognition technology to some major degree. Using the advancement in voice recognition technology, in addition to dual touchscreen, laptops of the design are anticipated to make use of voice activated instructions even more than we are accustomed to today.

With this particular must viewing surface imaginable the options laptop manufacturers can cram in to these traveling with a laptop machines. Expect the functionality in the first generation Canova to hold over. These will be the drawing and writing pad that is a pretty standard feature on most touchscreen laptops. Additionally to permitting artistic expression, the brand new laptop may also transform into an e-book readers and also the touchscreen allows page flipping just like a traditional book. Which reminds me, this isn’t the only real dual touchscreen notebook set to produce. At comparable time, OLPC is promising to possess recognized its’ concept laptop appears like there’s an exciting approaching year.


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